Kings Cross

Have you visited Kings Cross station since it re-opened?  Here is yet another thrilling re-vamp of one of our Victorian stations, combining the old and new to make a station fit for 21st century London.  Which the Brits are so good at.  Not quite as successful as St Pancreas – there were probably more limitations on space and white steel lattice half-dome of the pair of arched sheds, exposing them again in all their monolithic glory.

The ‘funnel’ was arrived at as a solution to supporting the new roof without placing extra load on the original structures.

Smart grey colour scheme for the glazed roof and windows of the original train sheds.

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Reconstruction of a Holland Park Mews

These days our projects tend to be larger, but we could not resist taking on this reconstruction of a mews house in Holland Park.  Partly because we knew it would be so satisfying to engineer such a radical transformation, and partly because of the instant chemistry with our client.

The existing house was of 1950s construction, completely devoid of any charm – and in fact lacking any positive qualities, with the exception of its location.


The larger part of the building has been taken down, leaving just the three walls, at the sides and rear, and rebuilt with a new basement storey and entirely new front elevation.

We are entirely unembarrassed to have created a ‘Georgian’  pastiche, which sits comfortably and elegantly with its neighbours at either end of the street.  However appearances can be deceptive and the traditional ‘dressing’ conceals a structure which has been formed using the best modern technologies and materials, and will be highly energy efficient.

For instance the black façade – which will eventually be finished in a natural lime render – is formed in ‘Foamglas’ blocks.  Foamglas is recycled cellular glass – put simply, glass with lots of air bubbles in it – which is lightweight and strong, highly insulating, completely stable, waterproof, vapour tight, vermin and acid resistant, fire-proof, non-toxic, recyclable and very long-lived.  What’s not to like?


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The Paving Expert

Call me a geek, but here is one of my favourite trade/technical websites –  A not-so-secret trade secret, a little gem, a mine of information, a bobbing jewel of truth in a shark infested sea,  a must-consult for anyone contemplating hard landscaping work, or wondering if their recently appointed ‘Landscape Contractor’ is doing the right thing…… Or anyone wanting to lay a garden path, or terrace, or new drain or countless other little landscaping jobs. You may not particularly admire the aesthetic on his website, but he’ll make sure your new £100.00 per square meter reclaimed York stone terrace is laid right, technically. Rock on Tony!


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Magical Dorset Morning


This lifts the spirits on the school run…..









Dorset House

My new friend Miranda is purchasing this delightful Rectory, buried in deepest Dorset countryside.  I went for an advisory visit on Monday.  Pretty cute!  Just a walk across the meadow from the little church.  Or a short gallop, if you’re Mr Darcy coming to sweep the lady of the house off her feet.  But I’m getting carried away…..

We’re knocking down that garage at the back. 








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Little Miss Hackett Holland

Florence Rose Holland arrived safely on 2nd December 2013.


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