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Letter from Ghana




We just had word from the lovely Phoebe who did work experience for us a couple of years ago and has been involved in an amazing project:-

Dear All,

I have just retuned from a fantastic 3 months in Ghana; our sustainable, collaborative and joyful mud house is complete!

 We arrived on site with a strong concept but with no fixed design, allowing our building to be a reaction to site conditions, such as location, orientation and topography, as well as responding to the materials and the labor available. We spent the first week clearing and analysing our site, exploring the village, getting to know the great team we would be working with and finalising our design. We became aware that there were a series of incomplete projects within the village, mainly as a result of time constraints, so it became imperative to us to design something that was achievable within the 10 week workshop. Every day was challenging and rewarding; you learn that you can’t take anything for granted, such as the availability of certain tools, materials, electricity and running water, so you have to be very creative in problem solving and making design decisions!

 We were fortunate enough to finish on time with some funds left over, the remaining balance is going back to the charity to support the completion of the village Kindergarten.

 I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for your support and helping to make this incredible journey possible!

Lots of love,

 Phoebe xxx



Hello from Switzerland





Walls going up in Mozambique

We were very excited to see the walls going up on a project that we helped design in Mozambique


As seen in…

Evening Standard  - Wednesday 4 February

Reinventing the Mud Hut

The lovely Phoebe who did some work experience for us a couple of years ago is about to embark on a very exciting trip to Ghana build a shortlisted design from NKA Foundation’s Mud House Design Competition The project aims to reinvent the African mud hut by addressing the stigma that mud architecture is architecture for the very poor.



Go Pheobe!  We hope you have an amazing adventure and can’t wait to hear all about it!





Its beginning to look alot like Christmas

A perfect Hackett Holland Christmas lunch at the delicious New Angel Notting Hill.

Big Knight

We sometimes meddle in a little graphic design at Hackett Holland. Here is a design knocked up for little Miss Holland’s forthcoming marriage to Mr Richard Knight. Ho ho!


Where are they now?

Dan worked for Hackett Holland for many years, and it was a sad day for us when he announced his intention to change career.  Apparently – the official story is – he is now an accomplished Personal Trainer.  But look what we just dug up…..



Weekend Fun

Lou from the office came down for a weekend in Dorset with her family.  The sun shone every day and it felt like being on holiday.

Website designer in London