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Evening Standard  - Wednesday 4 February

Reinventing the Mud Hut

The lovely Phoebe who did some work experience for us a couple of years ago is about to embark on a very exciting trip to Ghana build a shortlisted design from NKA Foundation’s Mud House Design Competition The project aims to reinvent the African mud hut by addressing the stigma that mud architecture is architecture for the very poor.



Go Pheobe!  We hope you have an amazing adventure and can’t wait to hear all about it!





Its beginning to look alot like Christmas

A perfect Hackett Holland Christmas lunch at the delicious New Angel Notting Hill.

Big Knight

We sometimes meddle in a little graphic design at Hackett Holland. Here is a design knocked up for little Miss Holland’s forthcoming marriage to Mr Richard Knight. Ho ho!


Where are they now?

Dan worked for Hackett Holland for many years, and it was a sad day for us when he announced his intention to change career.  Apparently – the official story is – he is now an accomplished Personal Trainer.  But look what we just dug up…..



Weekend Fun

Lou from the office came down for a weekend in Dorset with her family.  The sun shone every day and it felt like being on holiday.

Lunch at the Manoir

I recently attended a celebratory lunch at Le Manoir aux Quatre Saisons, courtesy of industry colleagues.  Excellent company, excellent food and what service!  Raymond himself even popped out to make a rousing speech.  The lozenge of horseradish sorbet seen here was the culinary highlight.  A treat, thank you!








Tea in the Garden

Isn’t the weather glorious!?  My garden, a mere field only three seasons ago, is certainly enjoying it.


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